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All the fixins’

Jeez I’m bad. I was away on a school trip with no technology  from last Tuesday to last Friday. So I didn’t get a chance to post anything since before that I was packing and after that I’ve been spending time with family and been nonstop busy! So I’ve got a post today with all the fixins’.

gone to school

Picture by Me

To start of this overdue post, I am SO thrilled I just exceeded 100 followers on I’m Thinking Happy! I have a total of 106 followers (at the moment). It feels like it was just yesterday I was overjoyed getting 50 followers (even though that was October 12, 2013)! I want to thank all of my followers for helping me get this point and being so awesome! I want to shout out to my parents for being my first followers and always reading my blog (also for giving me life but that’s another post). I would also like to shout out “armerando” and “afisherman2013” for almost always commenting on my blog  and encouraging me to write.  And last but not least I want to shout out to all my new blogging friends, you know who you are if you are one.

followers 2

I like to post things my followers like and I love getting comments(good or bad!). If you have anything to say don’t be afraid to comment no one is gonna chop off your head if they don’t like your comment. So let me know what you think or what you want me to post/not post.  Once again thank you to all my amazing followers. You guys are FANTABULOUS!

I’ll end this post with a quote from the next book I’ll be reviewing –
“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief


So there’s my post with all the fixins’,  quote and all! I hope, I keep helping keep people thinking happy! Because I’m thinking happy and so should you!


All you need i…

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt. -Charles M. Schulz

Oh my god this is so true! Chocolate and love go together very well! Happy almost Valentines day!

happy b-day!!!

it was my dad’s birthday on the 8 (of march) and i couldn’t post a blog. so here’s one!!

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thanks for coming!!

happy new year!!!!=)<3

so i guess the world isn’t over yet. and it can’t be!!! because i have a LOT of new year resolutions, and here’s just some of them…..

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what are some of yours??? see you next week!!

happy birthday nono(noah)!

happy birthday to you!!! my brother turned 13 on the 15 of  November.  so here’s 13 birthday wishes for you Noah!!!

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thanks for coming. see you next week!!

cupcake wars

cupcake wars is an awesome show on the food channel. and well, you have to see it!

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thanks for watching!! come back next week!!!

cake is all i will say!!

cake boss, ace of cakes there’s a lot of cake in this world!!

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are you hungry now?

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