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All the fixins’

Jeez I’m bad. I was away on a school trip with no technology  from last Tuesday to last Friday. So I didn’t get a chance to post anything since before that I was packing and after that I’ve been spending time with family and been nonstop busy! So I’ve got a post today with all the fixins’.

gone to school

Picture by Me

To start of this overdue post, I am SO thrilled I just exceeded 100 followers on I’m Thinking Happy! I have a total of 106 followers (at the moment). It feels like it was just yesterday I was overjoyed getting 50 followers (even though that was October 12, 2013)! I want to thank all of my followers for helping me get this point and being so awesome! I want to shout out to my parents for being my first followers and always reading my blog (also for giving me life but that’s another post). I would also like to shout out “armerando” and “afisherman2013” for almost always commenting on my blog  and encouraging me to write.  And last but not least I want to shout out to all my new blogging friends, you know who you are if you are one.

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I like to post things my followers like and I love getting comments(good or bad!). If you have anything to say don’t be afraid to comment no one is gonna chop off your head if they don’t like your comment. So let me know what you think or what you want me to post/not post.  Once again thank you to all my amazing followers. You guys are FANTABULOUS!

I’ll end this post with a quote from the next book I’ll be reviewing –
“A snowball in the face is surely the perfect beginning to a lasting friendship.”
Markus Zusak, The Book Thief


So there’s my post with all the fixins’,  quote and all! I hope, I keep helping keep people thinking happy! Because I’m thinking happy and so should you!


Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

Happy late Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for many things and people,  including my family and friends, the wonderful life I get to live and all the amazing books I’ve been reading (more book reviews coming soon!)


What are you thankful for? Comment below!Image


Here is a riddle see if you can figure it out-

There is a dead man in a room. The only other things in the room are an Apple and a spilled class of water. How did he die?

Comment your answers and I’ll reply to tell you if you are right or wrong. If no one gets it, I will post the answer in a day or so.

Here is a two part joke-

Part one:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get to the other side.

Part two:

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Because it’s part of the joke.

Comment any joke you have, and If I like it, I’ll post it on the same post I answer the riddle with!

Camp is Fun, Unless You Get Stung!

This week I’ve been helping out at a camp for 3 and 4-year olds. I’m an assistant and only come from 12pm-4pm. Wednesday afternoon we decided to take a walk down to the creek. The creek holds many memories of mine, some good, and some not so good.  Playing in the water with my friends, good. At Fairy camp 7 years ago having a friend step on a bees’ nest and having a whole swarm of bees attack us who were then, 3, 4 and 5-year olds, not so good. But hey, that was a one time deal right? That wouldn’t happen to me AND Nicole (a teacher at this camp that happened to be working at the fairy camp 7 years ago ) twice, right?  Well, when we went down to the creek this week, we decided to go off the trail, which is what got us in to trouble last time. When we went off the trail I got this funny feeling in the pit of my stomach but over looked it. It was a one time deal I kept telling myself.  Then, all of a sudden, one kid started yelling and I felt that familiar sting on my leg. It happened again! Mining bees were after us this time. Instinctively, I began to run but quickly remembered I’m not a camper this time, I’m a helper here. So I took the two boys that were closest to me and we ran until we were on safer grounds. Being on the other side of the creek, I didn’t want to cross it to get back up to the school. Frazzled and shaking. I stopped and asked both kids about 20 times if they were okay and if they were allergic. Corbin was fine. He didn’t get stung, but Peter was crying. He got stung on his hand but was not allergic. Minutes later Evan the other teacher, came up the creek carrying two crying kids, asked me if  we were okay and told me it was okay to bring them back up to the building. After helping Peter over a log or two he walked up the hill with Corbin and me. I knew I had gotten stung, but didn’t realize how many times until we got back to the building. I got stung the most, a whopping 8 times! After applying a baking soda and water solution to our stings, the kids soon recovered and went on playing.  They came into camp the next day telling all their half-day friends about their adventure at the creek with the bees. Still itching and slightly swollen, I took the time to put together a bee slide show…

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Man, what a coincidence that it happened to both me and Nicole,  twice,  in the same woods, when we were together – again! Thankfully, Nicole made it out without being stung, this time but she got her fair share the first time. This was an experience I won’t forget any time soon, and neither will Nicole. I don’t think we will be going off the trail again any time soon either! But I have to say, Peter and Corbin were real troopers and followed all my instructions which made my job A LOT easier!

My one true love

My one true love

My first love

You know the love that you just never forget

You can’t

You don’t want to

The way it makes you feel

Just thinking about it makes you feel all fuzzy inside

Your love inspires you

It helps to make you who you are

It can hurt you in the worst of ways

and bring you out of the darkest days

My one true love.

A love that will stay with me forever

at least the memories will never fade

It might not be there forever

But it’s glory will never leave my heart

I long to see the beauty again, every time I have to leave it

And savor every moment I spend there

I have known it my whole life

And have grown to love it

It has become a part of me in many ways

It will be in my heart forever

That little town in the middle of nowhere

the town with the dreamy ice cream shop, they call The Penguin

The memories of walking up to the small red stand

that became a small window shop

which is now a big beautiful, dreamy-er than before, ice-cream shop

My order hasn’t changed

since I started going to The Penguin

cappuccino ice cream.

Then there are the memories of walking through the woods

I start my journey not knowing quite where I’ll end up

I can feel a cool breeze going down my back

Then a prick on my leg, just another thorn

I’ve gotten used to them after 12 years

It doesn’t faze me a bit

I know the trail to the stream like I know what I’m going to order at The Penguin

The woods now surround me with memories

I get to the top of the hill

The small boys pond

from when the girls claimed the waterfall just up ahead

The sound of the water flowing down the stream warms my heart just like a cappuccino ice-cream from The Penguin cools it on a hot summers day

I make my way up the stream to the flowing waterfall

When the flood came it slowed the beauty

But I can still see it

At the top I can see the little fish thingys that swim around slowly

But once they see you they swim as fast as me running into the penguin when we arrive into town

We climb the last little bit and we’re at the top

Back to the 2nd field

the thorns start sticking to me like flies to honey

I continue to the 2nd pond

Slowly walking, I remember good times

like when my old teacher came up

we heard a mountain lion

then sprinted down the hill

with worries that it might come out and attack

now I reach the pond

prettier than last time

we can’t go swimming in this one

there might be some killer swimmer in there

I take out my net

ready to catch a little, green, slimy, smelly…


and put it on my face

just like I always do

the frogs are easier to catch at the main pond

but they don’t stay on my face as long

so I must make the journey to the 2nd pound on every visit.

Time to make my way back down the hill

not able to venture to things like the roller-coaster this time

because the sun is slowly dimming

that is for tomorrow when we take an ATV ride

Sadly I make my way back to the house

Passing the stream

and leaving the field

I see the main pond and our warm cabin

Slowly I take off my shoes and fall on the couch

barely able to move after my adventures

Then my mom yells out, “Hannah do you want to go to The Penguin?”

I jump up and my answer never changes: “Is that even a question?”

In this poem I am talking about Walton. I have a country house there. It is my place of peace and serenity.

a ride lover…I am not!!

I’m not that big of a fan of roller-coasters ever since i went on the tower of terror.  so here are some i go on (but not all) and some my brother goes on.

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thanks for coming!!

the princess and the…


I’m up at Walton this weekend, with my mom and some friends (and frog friends)!! and we LOVE frogs and the pond here is full of them!!!  and I’m naming these!!

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thanks for coming!!

hey hey we’re the monkeys!!

this kid in my class is always making monkey faces.  and they do look like monkeys, but here’s some real  monkeys!!

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thanks for coming!!

ruff ruff says the dog?

 Who let the dogs out?

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did you?!

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