…..and so should you!

“People often forget that kindness is free” – Unknown

I couldn’t find who this quote was by so if you know, let me know! But how true is this? People so often forget that holding the door for someone else or smiling at someone, can make that person’s day. Yes, you don’t always get a thank you or a smile back, but I think it is still worth the shot!


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  1. Hannah, you made my day with this quote, and your take on kindness. I was struggling with upset today, and your kind words and ideals refocused my thoughts. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. 🙂

  2. l agree that just opening a door will make your day. l always open a door for other people especially older people , and it makes my day when l see their gratitude.
    Hannah , you are a special person, see you tomorrow. d.v.

  3. Wow, that is so true! Thanks for brightening my day!


  4. You are kind and beautiful from the inside out. xoxox Mom

  5. […] The holiday season has been creeping up on us since right before Halloween. Like a strong, silent ivy spreading its way through cities all across the country. It’s been  lighting up homes and leaving its mark on lampposts and in storefronts everywhere! Neighborhoods are all aglow with colorful lights and twinkling trees peering through living room windows. It’s a special time of year that promotes peace and giving and kindness, which my 12-year old recently noted:  is free. […]

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