…..and so should you!

I’m back!:)

I’m sorry to all my followers for how long it has been since my last post. My last post was over a year ago!!! In that time I lost my password to email, so I didn’t see that I had to renew my site domain. So I lost the abilities to post. Then I slowly forgot about my blog. Till I was at my new school and we had a class blog. So my amazing mom spent several hours, days, even weeks getting my site back.  So I’m back up and running.

spring-dance 004

My blog is going to change a bit, because I have changed a bit. I will still have my slide shows, but I wont do them every week I might throw in some more wordy blogs. If you have anything you want me to make a slide show about, let me know your idea by “comment” and I’ll try to put it in! I hope this change will improve my blog and help it appeal to a larger audience. I hope you like it! I’m looking forward to blogging again!


Comments on: "I’m back!:)" (6)

  1. WooHoo!! I’m thinking… happy to see ya back baby blogger!! xoxox

  2. Anonymous said:

    Hannah, l will be looking forward to your blogs,

  3. You certainly made me smile this morning when I looked in my email and saw that you are posting again! Welcome back, Hannah. Looking forward to many more blog posts. You might even be the inspiration I need to finally get my blog up and running!

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