…..and so should you!

this Halloween was the first Halloween that I didn’t go trick-or-treating.  it was a weird kind of Halloween this year with the snow and all. so i started to think about all the other Halloweens I’ve had and the costumes I wore and the decor. so here are some customs that I had in the past.

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thanks for coming!!! sorry about all the sorrys!!!


Comments on: "halloween is coming by…. oh sorry haloween went by!!!" (7)

  1. Hannah this is SUPER-DUPER and I remember everyone of these awesome costumes! Thanks for a GREAT post! Love you………..mom. xoxox

  2. Hey, hannah good post I like um…2008!!!

  3. Hannah , l too remember all these costumes, Opa and l were so happy that you and Noah made it to our house.

  4. lovely girl

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