…..and so should you!

I realized today I haven’t posted in just over 2 weeks! But I had good reason. Mostly I’ve just been too busy, and every free chance I get I’ve been reading! I also visited Disney World and my grandparents, with my cousins. This was not my first visit to Disney and won’t be my last! But I will say, it was my first trip to the Magic Kingdom that I really enjoyed roller coasters. I was there with family, our ages varying from 5-56. And that is what is so great about Disney, there is truly something for everyone. And many things for everybody to do together…

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I’m almost finished reading the Harry Potter series:D


Comments on: "“Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” ― Walt Disney" (8)

  1. Hannah, I love Walt Disney’s quote, love your post and LOVE YOU!! xoxox Mom 🙂

  2. Very nice, Hannah. It is always good to open my email and receive your post. Keep reading and writing!

  3. Awesome, Disney is great. Where’s the Runaway train? I’ve never seen it…;)

  4. Hi Hannah,great blog, on our tour in England, our guide showed us where J.K.Rowling wrote her notes for her book..looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.

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