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happy b-day!!!

it was my dad’s birthday on the 8 (of march) and i couldn’t post a blog. so here’s one!!

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thanks for coming!!


my dad celebrates Hanukkah. there are 8 days of Hanukkah. so here’s some menorahs!!!

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see you soon!!!

mexico vacay!!!!!!

i am on vacation in Mexico with my family. this time we left on Thanksgiving. here are some things we see!!!

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 thanks for coming. see you next week!!

rain makes applesauce!!

this week my whole school went apple picking. it’s a school tradition.  i love it!!

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thanks for coming!!

tv is educational

every one has their routines, and one of mine is every night me and my mom watch our shows, we never miss them! so if your looking for a good show watch these!!

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so what are you waiting for go watch them!!

Dear Dad,

you’re always there for me.  when I need you, you always come.  you’ll always come with open arms.  Here’s a list to try to explain how great you are:

so this is just my way of saying thanks!  so have a great father’s day

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