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wax celebs

my mom and brother and my brother’s friend and my brother’s friends mom went to the wax museum. so here are some wax celebs.

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see you next week!!! oh and the answer to my riddle is a coffin!!! get it? ha ha ha!


dear followers,

I’ve been sick this week and unable to work on this week’s post. Very sorry, I’ll be sure to post next week so be sure to come back then!




look at my pumps!!

pump as in pumpkins!! i was watching tv and put on this new show called halloween wars.  they had a pumpkin carving competition. i thought that it looked cool.

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do you?? and thanks for coming!!

tv is educational

every one has their routines, and one of mine is every night me and my mom watch our shows, we never miss them! so if your looking for a good show watch these!!

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so what are you waiting for go watch them!!

I’m a little tea-pot

Ok “I’m a little tea-pot ” isn’t exactly what I’m looking  for.

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it’s more like “I’m a little tea-cup

famous faces

hey I’ve seen you before!! hope you like it!!

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thanks for visiting!!

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