…..and so should you!

a ride lover…I am not!!

I’m not that big of a fan of roller-coasters ever since i went on the tower of terror.  so here are some i go on (but not all) and some my brother goes on.

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thanks for coming!!

Comments on: "a ride lover…I am not!!" (10)

  1. Hannah, you may not love them but I have seen you be very brave on rides, more so than myself, even! Great post. Love you, Mom. xoxoxo

  2. Anonymous said:

    Yikes—I got a little light headed and whoopsie just looking at all these Towers of Terror. The swings in the playground seem right up my alley!! You are brave and always ready for a good adventure Hannah! xoxdiane

  3. Tante Heidi said:

    I’ll wait for you at the concession stand and eat an ice cream cone.
    Sorry Hannah Rose this blog only gets 2 tickets from me……………
    but Hannah Rose…. you get a season pass! xoxx

  4. I used to love roller coasters but I went on one with Mike in Maryland last month, and when I got off the ride, I felt so sick! I don’t think I’ll be going on another roller coaster any time soon…

  5. Anonymous said:

    Sometimes even a car ride can be a bit much for me. I think anyone who goes on amusement park rides is very brave.

  6. Anonymous said:

    l wish l were a kid again.

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