…..and so should you!

Go, Read Some Books!

yes “tv is educational” but every once in a while it’s nice to read a book!  so here are some good books that me or my mom or my dad or my brother have read (but not all).

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thanks for coming!!

Comments on: "Go, Read Some Books!" (7)

  1. Tante Heidi said:

    I saw 3 of my favorite books here!!!
    This post gets 5 Bookmarks from me!!
    Great job Hannah Rose!!!!

  2. Hannah…you happy reader! I’m so proud of you! Love you!! mom xoxox

  3. Anonymous said:

    Hi Hannah…good reads, one and all. Hugs, anita

  4. l read The Help,it was great,then l went to see the movie w/your Mom and Tante Heidi, it was true to the book.,Reading is a great pastime.

  5. Boom shalkaaka boom boom, problem solved.

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