…..and so should you!

it hasn’t even started yet and i can’t wait ’till it’s over.  don’t get me wrong, i love to learn, but I don’t love having to get up in the morning. 

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thanks for coming!!

Comments on: "10 things you need to start school (I can’t wait tell its over)!!" (9)

  1. Maybe you should lobby for starting the school day later Hannah? Love your choice of pics. Great blog! Love you, mom…xoxox

  2. Get used to it girl! When you’re done waking up early for school…then you have to wake up early for work. I’m working 3 years now and I still hate waking up early!

  3. Hi Hannah…Love that beautiful smile that you bring to school every day. It lights up my day. Hugs…anita

  4. Tante Heidi said:

    Go to be earlier Hannah Rose and you’ll be just fine in the morning 🙂

  5. Can’t wait to see you Sweet Hannah! love, diane

  6. I agree with you! I like school, but when I wake up alllll I want to do is to just roll over, go back to sleep, and forget about it. =)

    But I’m always glad I got up and went! Well, most of the time =P

  7. Hannah, have a glass of warm milk at night, you will sleep great, and will be all set to get up early the next morning.

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