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Dreams are odd, since they can be scary and they can be cuddly. I have always had weird dreams, ever since I was little. I am rarely scared by a dream now a days, because a part of me knows I am dreaming. When I was little my dreams were so real. I remember rolling over on my bed to get away from tiny evil people and being abducted by Dracula and brought into my Parent’s closet because that was his secret lair. They were weird and realistic. Sometimes I will go weeks without having a dream, but then I get a good one, one that I want to stay in, then I wake up. The scary ones are the ones that last the longest.  Dreams are odd, like going into my own world and coming up with my own story that I don’t write.


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I think dreams are something we will never fully understand. I mean, when we have them we’re sleeping. It’s our imagination at its best. How can our mind come up with this stuff? How can we see people we’ve never met? How is it possible that what happens in our dreams, sometimes happen in real life? Do our bodies look into the future and predict it wrong most of the time? Who knows? Who will ever know?  Dreams are odd creations that are tricky to figure out. Is a dream me in another dimension? I guess I will have to wait to figure that one out.



The answer to the riddle is…

He was shocked, it was an Apple product, like an iPhone and he spilled the water on it!!


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